Drinking Spree Competition Leaves One Dead


Numerous substances have been banned by the government over their negative impacts on human wellness and health. Besides the government, health institutions and manufacturing companies always regard on the usage of their products on their numerous clients or aficionados.

In Uganda, an old man whonwas aged 48 kicked the bucket afyer was found dead on Sunday, August 7 2016. This follows their recent competition that was based on who will have more drinks than all the others.

The incident toom place in Kamuli district, Eastern Uganda. The deceased body was discovered just by the roadside near the chum of the contest.
According to witnesses, this is what they had to share;

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“He died after drinking too much alcohol during
the competition,” one witness stated.
Another witness also shared this, “He drank too much alcohol and did not care about his health. We are baffled why so many people in our area keep dying of alcohol abuse,”
May his Soul Rest In eternal Peace.

Source: BBC Africa News Portal

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