NEW LAW: Drivers To Be Fined $500 For Splashing On Pedestrians

NEXT time you drive past a gathering of people on foot in the rain, make sure to back off by slowing down before you sprinkle through that vast puddle on the side of the street – else it could cost you.
Drivers to be fined $500 for splashing on pedestrians

British drivers could be slapped with a fine of as much as £500 in the event that they are discovered driving through a puddle and bringing on a person on foot to be sprinkled.
Under section three of the Road Traffic Act 1988, it is an offense to drive “without sensible thought for different people”, and as per the Crown Indictment Service, this incorporates an occasion of “driving through a puddle making people on foot be splashed”.
Driving without sensible thought can draw in a most extreme level 5 fine, which is as of now set at £500, and directs that an individual’s driving “adds up to a reasonable fine due to incompetence, narrow-mindedness, impatience, and aggressiveness”.
While it might be profoundly improbable that a man liable of such an offense would be sentenced at the top end of the scale, it is still conceivable such an unforgiving punishment could be passed on in outrageous cases.

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"NEW LAW: Drivers To Be Fined $500 For Splashing On Pedestrians" by @wakenyanews

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