Early Signs and Symptoms of Cancer Infection In The Human Body

Cancer is a serious disease that is a threat to the world a population basically because of its cumbersome attributes when it comes to its treatment. Its a kind of disease that is classified with its out of control cell growth since it develops every single lapse of time. While these symptoms may indicate signs of cancer, they may be catalysed by other infections or causes in the human body, hence this puts it hard for medical specialists to handle the infected patients in advance.

Below are some of the numerous identified signs and symptoms of cancer infections in the human body.
– Body temperature of 100.5ΒΊ F or higher
– Shaking chills or sweats
– Sore throat
– Sores or white coating on your tongue or in your mouth
– Cough or shortness of breath
– Nasal congestion
– Burning or pain when urinating; bloody or cloudy urine
– Redness, swelling, drainage, or warmth at the site of an injury, surgical wound
– Pain or tenderness in the stomach or abdomen
(the belly)
– Stiff neck
– Sinus pain, ear pain, or headache
– Swelling or redness anywhere.

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