EPL Team earnings at end of the season 2015

The English Premier league – EPL Team earnings at end of every season varies depending on the markets and as well, some more numerous factors e.g the facility fees, the TV Rights, the contributions on the FA Managerial clauses and many more.

Below were the highlight on how much the clubs would have got as per the Sunday’s match rankings were it if the table were to remain as it was….:-

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Chelsea £24m,

Manchester City £22.8m,

Arsenal £21.6m,

Manchester United £20.4m,

Liverpool £19.2m,

Tottenham £18.0m,

Southampton £16.8m,

Swansea £15.6m,

Stoke £14.4m,

Everton £13.2,

West Ham £12.0m,

Crystal Palace £10.8m,

West Brom £9.6,

Leicester city £8.4m,

Sunderland £7.2m,

Aston Villa £6.0m,

Newcastle £4.8m,

Hull city £3.6m,
Burney £2.4m,
QPR £1.3m.

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