Elephant Lifts and Kills 500kg Rhino in Maasai Mara – PICS

A ton of show happens in our national stores. Yet, It’s entertaining how things happening at the Maasai Mara make news in other nations yet none here at home.

After the bison headbutted the elephant, she struck back by diving her tusks into the animal and hurling the wild ox into the air with full compel.

The exceptional scene was caught by novice picture taker Kimberly Maurer, 56, who was on vacation at the diversion hold.

The 56-year-old said: ‘I began looking through the pictures on the back of my camera instantly after the assault and turned out to be exceptionally eager to find that I had really caught the occasion in subtle element.

‘This photo was, probably, a unique catch for me. As you would envision, his remains was a supper for another creature or two.’



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"Elephant Lifts and Kills 500kg Rhino in Maasai Mara – PICS" by @wakenyanews

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