Embu County Pastor Caught In The Act With Someone’s Wife, Beaten By Mob.


It is not only Bungoma county that raises alarming news across the country, Embu county is also a big name you ought to watch out for.
Drama emerged in Embu County at a town called at Bonanza town after a minister/ pastor was discovered engaging in bedtime relations with another man’s significant on Thursday 14th July 2016. The pastor had gone by the man’s home, where he was caught in the act.

The bothered spouse, recognized as James Itumo, said he had been setting a trap to corner his better half and the minister. He had harbored suspicions about the two having an illegal illicit relationship in the face of his good faith, as his spouse would have the minister during the evening when he was on night shift obligation far from home.

He said that at around 9am Thursday, the minister touched base at his home and picked up section into the house through the indirect access, as he did not need neighbors to remember him.

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Itumo said he kept an eye on the two from the outside of his home until late in the night. At the point when the darkness of the night had entrached, Mr Itumo went silently and closed the door from outside close. Afterward, he raised alert that caught consideration of his neighbors.

Mr Itumo said the philandering pair then started to “supplicate” at the top of their voices after discovering that the lady’s significant other was outside the house, and had considered their sexual movement.

As per a neighbor who looked for obscurity, Mr Itumo’s significant other had been facilitating the Pastorr in her marital home notwithstanding being cautioned severally by her fellow women against the open demonstration of treachery.

However in no time, the Police had reached at the scene, where they captured Mr Itumo, his better half, and the pastor. The three were headed to Embu Police headquarters, however were discharged on Friday to understand their issues out of court.

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