Embu man caught in the Act by wife, 2015-2016

Embu man caught in the act by wife, 2015-2016
Caught pants down was he! World came tumbling for
one for one Embu man when word got out that he had
taken a detour to a known lodging with a spry miss
with the intent of devouring the “forbidden fruit” away
from the prying eyes of his wife. It was reported that
the man had lied to the wife that he was taking their
ailing young son to hospital but chose to attend to
the pressings of the flesh before taking the son for
check up, so with his young son at his wake, he
lumbered off to a secret meet (read lodging) where he
proceeded to indulge in carnal pleasures oblivious of
the catastrophe that was to befall him.
The wife back at home realized that the hubby was
taking a little too long to run an errand that should
have taken him half an hour, she set out to look for her
family fearing that her son’s condition may have
worsened. she inquired around and was told that the
man she described had been sigheted getting into the
lodging with a spry miss at tow.
She went from crazy to stark raving mad in seconds
(like 0-100) She stormed the lodging like a demented
beast baying for blood and caused a melee before she
was directed to the room where her man was busy
satiating his carnal appetite… She about burned the
whole place down, ever heard of husband battery? The
husband and whatever little he was caught with were
pummeled to within inches of their existence, It took
the intervention of the K24 crew that had been called
to calm her down.

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