This Is The Correct English Name of “Sukuma Wiki” Vegetables

Sukuma wiki/ Collard Greens

For many years all along, numerous individuals have always been confusing that “Sukuma wiki” in English is called Kales. However, that shouldn’t be the case since it is not so (kales).
Basically and as per the biological and vegetable crop farming experts, Kales or leaf cabbages looks
closer to wild cabbages that grow in the bushes. The only difference is that central leaves don’t form a ‘head’, but rather are they are green or purple in colour.

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To all those of us who did not know, the correct English name that should be used to refer to ‘Sukuma wiki’ is Collard greens.

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"This Is The Correct English Name of “Sukuma Wiki” Vegetables" by @wakenyanews

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