Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission postpones James Oswago, Trevy Oyombra grilling

Previous appointive commission CEO James Oswago and a specialists of an English printing firm Trevy Oyombra will now show up before the Morals and Against Debasement Commission examiners on Wednesday over the “chicken” embarrassment.

EACC Representative Yassin Amaro said on Monday that the agents were all the while breaking down articulations recorded on the issue.

“Agents are presently examination all announcements that have been recorded to connection them up before we welcome others to come and record their announcements,” said Mr Amaro.

The two were booked to show up before EACC on Monday.

Mr Oyombra is said to be the Kenyan operators of English printing firm, Smith & Ouzman.


Last Thursday, EACC officers barbecued Autonomous Discretionary and Limits Commission director Issack Hassan over the same outrage.

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Vitality Bureau Secretary Davis Chirchir was addressed on Friday.

The CS is said to be among the individuals who got an undisclosed measure of cash from Smith & Ouzman to impact honor of tenders when he served as a magistrate at the Interval Autonomous Discretionary Commission (IIEC).

Two authorities of the English firm have been indicted and imprisoned in the United Kingdom over the outrage.

EACC investigators are attempting to discover the real beneficiaries of a Sh50 million influence given to Mr Oyombra, who would thusly dispense the cash, alluded to as “chicken” in S&O correspondence, to top IIEC authorities.

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