Evidence Reveals High Level Of Match Fixing In Uganda Football

Fahad Kawooya thought it would simply be one match . Ease up and let the other football teams also win, he let himself know, gather the result and begin paying off personal debts on top.

Uganda Football Fixed Matches

Yet, the broke, untrustworthy, hypocrite and desperate  footballer soon learnt that one match would not do it. He would need to toss another match, then another, then another as well as another one again and again, lolest…

Thus it went until, in what he portrayed as his “most noticeably awful minute”, his match accomplice and long-term companion Richard Kasagga “snitched” him by revealing to URA head coach Mr. Kefa Kisala regarding why the well-subsidized club secured greatest focuses on just three events, while enlisting eight draws from their twelve challenges played up to this point.

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Kawooya , an Uganda international and recent saints FC defender was on Monday allegedly been expelled inconclusively by his managers as discipline for his claimed contribution in the match-fixing.

He admitted on tape to mentor Kefa Kisala and other top club authorities after he was suspected accepting and taking money as low as Shs500, 000 to fix the football matches.

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"Evidence Reveals High Level Of Match Fixing In Uganda Football" by @wakenyanews

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