EXPOSED: 15 Facts About Kalekye Mumo, Former Kiss100 FM Radio Presenter

Kalekye Mumo Biography, Facts You Didn't know.

Kalekye Mumo is currently not a Kiss 100 FM Radio Presenter. This follows after she quited her job in Radio Africa Media Group to start her own entrepreneurial ventures to look for greener pastures.

Below are some of the numerous facts about celebrity and public figure Kalekye Mumo that you didn’t know. See below:-

1. At the point when Kalekye Mumo was only three,she was determined to have a hip condition that left her immobilized and had a thrown for a few years.

2. Her weight has never been an issue to her,she cherishes and has trust in her bends and we as a whole realize that certainty is an extremely appealing attribute!

3. Her optimal man ought to be God-dreading, monetarily steady and one who takes control adding that ” I need to return home to a man who takes over the reins. I will let him. I can be compliant.”

4. Kalekye Mumo has an enormous gathering of shoes and sacks (possibly we can obtain them at some point) and you will seldom find her shaking the same sack or shoe twice

5. Kalekye Mumo is a bourbon young lady, Jameson to be exact! Her first auto was a red little cooper including that “I generally cherished an auto with character. An auto says a considerable measure in regards to you.”

6. Kalekye Mumo has touchy inside disorder (endless stomach torment, uneasiness, bloating, and adjustment of entrail propensities) so when she visits you bread and drain are a no-no!


7. On her first day on air, the morning show host challenged her to ring a person she had met in a wedding a week before,which she did, all red-confronted however fortunately the inclination was shared and they dated for some time

8. Her mum is her greatest fan however she is daddy’s young lady.

9. “Her first ‘genuine occupation’ after school was in 2001, at Homeboyz Stimulation. She was a manager.

10. Family assumes a major part in Kalekye Mumo’s life. Each other Sunday, you will locate her home with her family. Destined to a catering for mum and a father who worked at Kenya Bottling works, Kalekye depicts her folks as strict yet adoring

11. Experiencing childhood in Nairobi’s Westland’s rural areas, she had a beautiful typical youth, albeit defaced by sicknesses

12. Kalekye co-has a show called Surge Hour with Shaffie Weru, the “terrible kid” of stimulation. In the appear, they handle some extremely major issues that most radio shows would timid far from.

13. In school, she did exceptionally well in sciences, yet knew it wasn’t generally her thing

14. After her secondary school, she settled on a choice to study media and interchanges, however her folks didn’t care for her decision

15. When she was three, she was determined to have a hip condition that abandoned her immobilized and in a cast for a few years.

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