Female Singer Who Owns A Mansion Worth Sh.700 Million – PHOTOS


Many music artists across the African continent have for a couple of years been doing good music hence has made them gain more popularity, their music moving beyond the continent as well as their music being appreciated and welcomed across the globe. These has made them get a stable source of income and hence moving on well with their career as well as upgrading their living standards.

Popular Tanzanian Female Artist of the music group Navy Kenzo has got peoples attention with his big mansion after uploading numerous photos of the house. Nahreel said the development of their homes which cost more than 700 million is anticipated that would be finished in December this year, 2016.
Addressing the press last Saturday, Nahreel said he was amazed to see individuals questioning where he got the cash for development of the house.

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”People talk is bad but at the end of the day we all know money has been made available to the music , almost 97 percent is music , therefore it is a kawaida things , ” Nahreel commented. She added that, “…and God willing December liner will be complete and everything is going fine until now”.

Likewise Nahreel has asked fans to stay tuned for new video which as of now shooting is being done in South Africa.

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Have a look at the photos of the mansion house that costs 700 million shillings.

Nahreel Mansion House that costs 700 million shillings


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