Four key things to keep in your Relationship – A MUST READ

You will not always be right
What this means is at times you
might actually be right but you
need to let the other person win.
Some arguments usually have no
purpose-they are not heading
A lot of couples like talking about
how they are always fighting. If
you ask them what they are
arguing about, they will tell you
about the ones that make sense
they leave out the ones about
disagreement on restaurants or
what to order in. Such stupid
things. If you are the one with
the bigger head just let it go
because it is just a matter of
asking yourself. What do you
value more? The relationship or
You always have a choice. If you
are allergic to the food they want
or do not like tomatoes on pizza,
then just order something else.
That simple.
Your partner will not change to
what you want if they just read
your revisions.
You can never change people.
They can grow, but if there is no
maturity in that equation then it
is not happening.
If they like drinking on Sundays,
they will go drink. If they cannot
spend a whole weekend in the
house, then read that book. They
might try to do it for you, but on
their own will not because you
instruct them to. A friend of mine
is such people. He cannot spend
a weekend in the house. The
girlfriend thought that she could
change that. So, date nights
unlike most people where they are
outside, she organized them
inside. Long story short it did not
work out. It led to the break up
simply because she thought she
could change the guy.

You will not get the love you
People fail at love because they
try to carry the love they see on
other people and place it on their
partners’ shoulders. When we say
people are different we are not
talking about them being
introverts vs. extroverts or one
liking coffee as compared to tea.
We are talking about how you see
one person being treated by their
partner is not the way your
partner will treat you. Some
people are openly affectionate
others hate public displays, so
when you see one kissing
someone in public do not look at
your partner with a questioning
eye wondering if they love you
less. People are just different. You
can voice expectation but that
does not mean it will be met
Expect mistakes
Over the years, there is a method
I use when it comes to receiving
something, meeting people and
what not. I never place high
expectations on them, I usually go
in with a neutral mind that has
the least expectations. That way
when I receive poor service, I will
not fall into a rage of
disappointment. I will just shrug
my shoulders, regret the loss of
my money but look for a better
It is that simple with
relationships as well, too high
expectations that you want to
work in a short term will give you
a lot of heartbreak and
disappointment. You need to
learn to shrug your shoulders and
move on. Investing too much in
the short term, gets you
disappointment. What am I
saying? They are human, expect
their mistakes. In the larger scale
that way when they are small you
learn to adjust. If you want it to
work. If you cannot adjust, you
just shrug your shoulders and
move on.

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