Frenzy As Snake Emerges From A Woman’s Handbag in Embu Town


A large portion of the terrified steadfast took spread outside the building while others remained over their seats as the snake, which was about a large portion of a meter since a long time ago, began moving from the lectern.
Be that as it may, the snake was soon executed and blazed utilizing petroleum by a few fearless individuals.

Pastor Natasha described how the occurrence panicked the dedicated as ministers collaborated to petition God for the lady. It is then that Rev Natasha brought up that she was a fallen angel’s specialist also, began appealing to God for her and requested that the purse be opened.

“When we tried to kill the snake, it started transforming into many creatures. At one moment it looked like a caterpillar, then it swelled up to take the shape of a butterfly. It is sad that people are still practicing witchcraft in this age,” said Rev Natasha.

At the point when Minister Peter Nyaga, a pastor situated in Tanzania took the purse, they discovered different gear identified with witchcraft.


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"Frenzy As Snake Emerges From A Woman’s Handbag in Embu Town" by @wakenyanews

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