Gatundu MP Moses Kuria Set To Release A Song For Raila Odinga

Gatundu MP Moses Kuria and CORD Leader Raila Odinga

Dubious Gatundu South MP Mr.Moses Kuria is up again on the screens and this time round, he wants to pass his message in a musical way. The Member of parliament is set to release a hit or miss song in light of cases he made which implied a death plot against CORD Leader Raila Odinga.

The melody, ” Mbembe ” (Gikuyu for maize) will be discharged in the following couple of weeks.
Talking in Kangaita PCEA church in Tetu, Nyeri County, the MP requested that the assembly purchase his tune and ensure they get it the message legitimately.

Despise Discourse
As indicated by Mr Kuria, he thought of the thought after he was charged of contempt discourse against the Line pioneer for utilizing the word ‘mbembe’.

“You know, these media people are not good at all. I once said that the
former Prime Minister should eat ‘mbembe’ and they went on to
translate that I meant he should be killed using a bullet. That is not
what I meant. I meant he should either eat maize in Githeri, roasted,
or grinded as ugali,” he said.
On mentioning these words, the gathering that was in the arena were left laughing and others even clapping after the controversial Member of Parliament Mr. Kuria orated.

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He continued by saying this, “I’m a Catholic by faith and every Sunday I normally go for repentance since my church allows us to sin a little then go for confession. So if I were to go to Satan, only my legs will burn but the rest of the body will remain intact since am not that sinful as many portray me to be”.

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