WILLIAM RUTO LATEST NEWS: Gideon Moi is Uncircumcised, Says William Ruto


“…We are Kalenjins, these guys making
noise around, castigating me should know
that we supported arap Moi (former
President Daniel Moi) to become President.
Kalenjins stood by him shoulder to shoulder until he became President so this uncircumcised son of arap Moi should not bring us his stupidity, telling us we cannot support other Kalenjin leaders from other families. All Kalenjins supported his father until he retired and now they are telling us we should not support others from another family. Tell them to leave us, to stop playing with us… and tell the one here (south Rift) that Kalenjins will not be divided. If you are man enough, then lead undivided Kalenjins – don’t divide them on the basis of North Rift and South Rift. I told him we should build a university in Bomet but he said no, it should be built in Sigor. When we agreed on Sigor, he changed his mind again. Anyone who has decided to divide us (Kalenjins) has no end. I, Ruto, as I address you here, my father, arap Samoei Cheruiyot was born in Kiptere (Sigowet/Soin subcounty, Kericho), Kapkomosek clan. Am I a Nandi or Kipsigis?
Are Nandis and Kipsigis relatives or not?
Even if I speak Nandi dialect and the blood
belong to Kipsigis, do I belong to Kalenjin or not? Then someone who is stupid, who
cannot differentiate between yesterday and tomorrow, tells us Kipsigis and Nandis should part ways. Listen to me people of Rift Valley, we must remain united and speak in one voice.”

However, DP William Ruto has claimed he did not mention anything like that or any relation to this kind of information. I too agree that this might not be William Ruto’s word.

More news to follow from KENYA POLITICS

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