Governor is caught pants down having fun with RAHAB MUTHONI, a Bishop

Governor caught having fun with RAHAB MUTHONI
A prominent Governor was caught red handed on Monday night having s*x with a woman who claims to be a Bishop of GECK Church in Central Kenya. According to Inooro Fm , Nyandarua Governor, Daniel Waithaka, visited a constituent at her house on Monday night ready to commit the coital sin. The woman, who was identified as Bishop Rahab Muthoni, had invited the Governor to her home in Kinangop on Monday night so that they can satisfy each other’s on friendly basis desires.

Unfortunately, when the two were in the middle of their escapade, an angry mob stormed the Bishop’s house and threatened to lynch the Governor for seducing almost every woman in the village. The randy Governor has an undying appetite for old women and Bishop Muthoni was one of his preys. Luckily, the Governor sneaked through the back door and escaped while half naked. But speaking on Tuesday during Mashujaa Day celebrations, Waithaka said he was in Nyahururu town “sleeping with his wife” when the crowd stormed the Bishop’s house. He said that the crowd must have been sent by his political rivals to implicate him in something he does not know about. “When would a crowd of people storm the Bishop’s house yelling and shouting that I leave the compound, yet I was nowhere in sight,’ the Governor asked in his defense. But residents said that Waithaka is a “s*x pest” who sleeps with many women who visit his office. The Kenyan DAILY POST

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"Governor is caught pants down having fun with RAHAB MUTHONI, a Bishop" by @wakenyanews

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