Graphic Designer and Photographer Jobs Metz Photolab

Graphic Designer and Photographer Jobs Metz Photolab
The perfect competitor has had some realistic outline and photography preparing both in scholastic and expert terms. (Significance more likely than not considered some media based studies in school i.e. certificate, degree, proficient
declaration e.t.c)
Has involvement with working with
visual communication above all Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Light-room. The position will be held in a photograph studio and in this way involvement in the same or a comparable working environment is very ideal.

We are searching for applicants that have the capacity to adapt in high weight
circumstances, have the capacity to consider out the container, are remarkably imaginative and take initiative.It is important to see oneself as a pioneer and as a group player in this position as both qualities are continually sought after in the workplace.
We consequently offer a dynamic working
environment among others.
If you are the candidate we are looking for please contact this cell numbers:

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