Guns, Bullets Stolen In City Central Police Station

Kampala Central Police Station

Police at the Kampala Central police station (CPS) are investigating the conditions under which unidentified individuals broke into the station armory and carried off a few weapons and many ammo.
As indicated by a profoundly put and confided in source at CPS, the attackers whose whereabouts is as yet unknown just shrewdly opened the armory store and picked various firearms and bullets they needed and just left unnoticed.

The episode happened Saturday night at obscure time of the night.
Authorities put the quantity of firearms stolen to two AK47 and 62 rounds of ammo however the numbers could be higher than this.
“They did not break inside, they just opened and picked the guns, it looks they had a master key or they managed to re-produce the keys. Because we only found the padlocks thrown around in the morning,” a source reported.
While this incidence was happening, the DPC ASP Gwaidho Bakaleke was in the village for his wedding meetings while the OC station was also out of the station.
So far seven police officers including the armor man are under detention for neglect of duty leading to loss of government stores.

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