HILARIOUS: Ten Facts you didn’t know!!

#10 the most
commonly used letter
in the alphabet is E
while the least used
letter in the alphabet
is Q. At the same
time the sentence
“the quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy
dog” uses every letter
in the English
alphabet. Can you
come up with one
that does?
#9 An ostrich’s eye is
bigger than its brain.
You ever wondered
why all it does is
flaunt its beautiful
feathers? Still on
animals, cats spend
66% of their life
#8 months that start
on a Sunday will
always ens up with a
‘Friday the 13th’ You
know about
yeah that’s one word
but don’t worry if it
doesn’t click. Even my
PC can’t recognize it.
It’s a phobia for
Friday the 13 and I
only know it because
that’s my birthday.
#7There are only four
words in the English
language that end up
in ‘dous’ and they
are: horrendous,
tremendous and
stupendous. hey
don’t Babu Owino
cheat you with his
out of this world
words. Still on
English, the dot on
the letter i is called a
#6 Bill Gates began
computers at the age
of 13, yeah. Einstein
slept 10 hours a
night. Albert
Einstein! You? You
transnight and
haven’t even as much
as come up with a
formula to get rid off
the necessity of sleep
itself in your life as
you see it as a waste
of time. And of course
you know this one
but I still have to
remind you. He
didn’t know how to
drive a car
#5 New York was the
first capital of the
United States. The
first African president
to reach 1 million
followers on twitter is
Paul Kagame. And
guess what? He still
reaches out to his
followers personally.
#4 11% of people are
left handed. And
contrary to very
misleading and
misconceptions that
it is a disability, most
of the left-handers
have been quite
successful. In the
18’s, left-handedness
was strictly a
disability in USA so
if a president was
left handed we cant
really know because
they gave up their
natural instict. So,
counting from mid
19’s, 7 out of the last
14 US presidents
were left-handed. In
fact, with the
exception of George
W. Bush, the last four
presidents have been
left-handed. Again
when you check the
trend in most Nobel
prize winners’, artists
and are left-handed
making me conclude
that left-handedness
may actually be close
to having genius
traits. Ambidextrous
is the ability to use
both your hands
effectively. Harry S.
Truman and Ronald
Reagan were
#3 A group of
kangaroos is called a
mob while a group of
frogs is called an
army. Do you believe
that? Makes you
wonder how phobic
the inventor of such
words was of frogs.
#2 In 1386, a pig in
France was executed
publicly for the
murder of a child. I
only have one
question, who buried
the pork?
#1 Now now now, you
are gonna laugh your
ass off at this. The
great Adolf Hitler who
was thought of to
have had no respect
for life actually did;
well not just human
life. Yes! He was a
vegetarian. Theeen,
he only had one
testicle. Ok don’t ask
me who had the
nerve to cut off his
one testicle. as it is,
I’ve already spent
sleepless nights on it
and just can’t find it.
I mean even FDR and
Winston were a trifle
scared of him.

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