Hill Side High School Student Killed By A Speeding Driver

One killed in Uganda accident

With many motorists not upholding standards according to the road safety rules and regulations, many lives get lost. This is due to improper conduct in relation to following road and traffic rules, driving while tipsy, inexperienced individuals taking control of vehicles on the highway by driving, not following traffic rules, and many other reasons.

A speeding vehicle has thumped a senior one student of a popularly known school knowns as Hill Side High School to death. The perished has been recognized as Topista Kemigabo who was thumped dead a couple meters to her home coming back from school.

The mishap happened after the driver of a cantina auto enlistment number UAN 127W neglected to brake.
After the mishap, the driver of the vehicle kept running into stowing away and is up to now being chased by Police on suspicion of homicide and foolhardy driving.

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It is claimed that the proprietor of the vehicle just recognized as Brian had abandoned it at a washing sound where one of the easygoing workers chose to take it for a twist in the wake of washing it.

Twebaze Edison the OC traffic Boss Kabarole censured the demonstration of drivers leaving auto keys at washing bayous while their vehicles are being overhauled.

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