HIV Vaccine In Kenya & This Is Its Cost or Price

The long story of HIV AIDs has entered in momentous stage after the disclosure and long awaited discovery of HIV immunization or prevention that was tried and tested in south Africa. There are numerous paranoid fears generally in the internet especially on social media including HIV was made by Specialist Gallo as US natural biological weapon to wipe all African race and US foes however nothing has been affirmed yet. The uplifting news is that HIV antibody has been at long last found.

HIV vaccine price in Kenya
HIV Vaccine in Kenya and its price

For Kenyans, the antibody vaccine is now at Kenyatta national Hospital KEMRI branch offices and as long we commend the HIV immunization vaccine, it won’t come modest. It will cost around 10Million for every head and cost could fluctuate contingent and vary upon different factors. Not very many families can bear the cost of this just nothing to celebrate about in real sense.
The world put roughly $868 million in HIV vaccine innovative work to create and test the HIV vaccine hopefuls furthermore, to do the strategy and backing work to establish the system for their development. HIV is an extremely complex, perplexing, exceedingly variable infection or virus, which makes expedient speedy development of an effective preventive HIV immunization extremely troublesome however is by all accounts have noteworthy advance and remarkable progresses in human body.

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"HIV Vaccine In Kenya & This Is Its Cost or Price" by @wakenyanews

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