“HONESTLY, I AM SINGLE,” Female Radio Presenter Opens Up Publicly

Hi Admin of wakenya, a very big thanks for the great job you are doing since I’ve been seeing your posts on hookups and dating in addition to relationships. As a matter of first importance, my names are Daisy and I am 27 years just about to turn to 28 years before the end of the year 2017. I live in Nairobi, Runda bequest and I am the business proprietor in one of the greatest insurances as well as am a radio presenter in one of the media houses in Kenya.
Just to cut the story short about myself, I came here fundamentally in need of a man/ guy for a hookup who is over 20 years old so he might be my dating accomplice. I don’t bother which part of the world he comes from or so, then again mainland he originates from in light of the fact that I can bear the cost of anything e.g transport of flight or road, in short, transport/ fare.

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I’m not Choosey, honestly but rather he ought to be great in sound, HIV negative after affirmation from tests together, and in addition enthusiastic since I like quality, not amount. I genuinely require an accomplice for relationship and potentially that may prompt marriage.
Besides, I am fiscally extremely stable so there is no stress in terms of money, yes. I am monetarily steady so cash has never been a issue to me.
Give me a chance to trust that he will treat me right, great, fulfill, and show true love to me without a doubt. See my photographs underneath and afterward contact me in WhatsApp below so that we can chat privately..…

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"“HONESTLY, I AM SINGLE,” Female Radio Presenter Opens Up Publicly" by @wakenyanews

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