Riyadh: For the first time in history, ladies in Saudi Arabia on Saturday took an interest nearby men in the city race – a major step towards gender orientation balance in an extremely limited Saudi society.
Despite the fact that a nearby level race, the surveys are seen as a positive step towards ladies strengthening and numerous are idealistic that their voices will at long last start to be heard in government.
The surveying stations – as with all other open venues in the moderate Muslim country – are made sex isolated. Out of 1,263 surveying stations, only 424 have been held for ladies voters. Regardless of late relaxations for ladies in the male-overwhelmed nation, Saudi Arabia still has far to go in the battle for sex equity. In spite of the fact that lately privileges of Saudi ladies have been expanded, their activities are still seriously limited.

Here are the 10 things that ladies in Saudi Arabia still can’t do:
1. Go anyplace without a male gatekeeper
Saudi ladies must go with a male relative, known as a ‘mahram’, at whatever point they wander out of the house. Mahram goes with the
ladies at all times, including for shopping excursions and visits to the specialist.

2. Drive an auto
In spite of the fact that there is no official law that bans ladies from driving, the nation’s profoundly held religious convictions disallow it, with a few pastors contend that female drivers “undermine social qualities”.

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3. Wear garments that hotshot their body
Saudi ladies’ clothing standard is administered by a strict translation of Islamic law. Ladies must wear a long dark shroud and a head scarf.
Religious police would stop them in the event that they uncover a lot of tissue or wear a lot of cosmetics.

4. Collaborate with men
Saudi ladies are relied upon to restrict their communications with men other than their relatives or relatives. The dominant part of open structures including workplaces, banks and colleges have separate passages for men and ladies. Open transportation, parks, shorelines what’s more, entertainment meccas are additionally isolated in many parts of the nation. Unlawful blending will prompt criminal accusations.

5. Go for a swim
Saudi ladies are not anticipated that would swim in broad daylight swimming pools or utilized by male individuals.

6. Contend in games
Ladies competitors are looked downward on by the moderate Saudi society. It’s by and large hard for ladies to contend unreservedly in games.
In spite of the fact that they are permitted to take part, they must be went with by a male gatekeeper and wear a “Sharia-agreeable” games pack that secured their hair.

7. Attempt on garments when shopping
Saudi ladies are not anticipated that would attempt on garments while shopping. Doing as such, may pull in discipline.

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