How KCB Is Granting Their Clients This’ Holidays Season. BE ON THE KNOW HOW

How to withdraw from kcb account to mpesa
Kenya Commercial Bank is one of the outlets that deal with money transactions in terms of depositing, withdrawal, cheques, loans, for example exchanges and many more other types of business trading that entails money.
There exists numerous ways on how someone may withdraw money from his or her KCB bank account via mobile phone. On the other hand, one may do it over the counter, via an ATM Machine using an ATM Card or simply send your money from your account to your Mpesa account.

In this article, we are going to show you the simplest way on how you can withdraw money directly from your KCB Bank account to your MPESA Mobile phone account.
Below are the steps on how to simply have it done:-
1.) Dial *522#
2.) Enter KCB Mobile Banking PIN
3.) Select ‘MyKash’
4.) Select Mpesa
5.) Select ‘Own Number’ or ‘Another Number’
6.) Select ‘Savings’ or ‘M-benki’ or Your personal account of preference from the list
7.) Enter the Number you wish to transfer the Money to (if prompted)
8.) Enter the Amount you wish to send to Mpesa
Confirm transaction
9.) It is as easy as that.
KCB and Safaricom charges usually do apply and at most instances, it is ksh 58/-.

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"How KCB Is Granting Their Clients This’ Holidays Season. BE ON THE KNOW HOW" by @wakenyanews

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