Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta

According to political analysis, there has been a hard tussle for the opposition on whether they will manage to get more votes than the seating party Jubilee come the next general elections in August 8th 2017.
However, as per some recent polls and analysis by one the online top bloggers, below are some of the things Opposition Leader Raila Odinga must do for Kenyans in order to win the August 8th 2017 General elections. Have a look at the ten very best analysed tips beneath;-
1.RAILA Must Ensure the 4 Principals remain united and must Keep Kalonzo Musyoka in NASA coalition as DP at all costs. Even if it means paying him billions.
2. RAILA Must Ensure the ODM nominations of April 2017 are conducted free and fairly, No favoritism, No direct nominations except to candidates with zero opponents.
3. RAILA Must use his influence, finance and do rigorous campaigns to divide and rock Jubilee Party from within, especially in Rift Valley to ensure he baskets at least 40%-50% of the Rift valley votes.
4. RAILA must not leave anything to chance on IEBC matters. He must have spies on the inside of the IEBC from the small offices to the top offices supplying him with accurate intelligence or information at all times.

5. RAILA must invest on vigilant and vibrant election- day agents in all parts of the country and in all polling stations. These tough agents must be well-trained, focussed, well -paid and incorruptible. They should be recruited at least 2 months before election day to avoid last minute recruitment like in 2013.
6. RAILA’s campaign style to Youths must be more aggressive. He must not only look and sound youthful but must also open up opportunities in NASA for the youths (aged 18-36). This is the time to activate and erupt the ODM/WIPER/ANC/FORD-K & NASA Youth leagues and other Youths and Women caucuses like a mild volcanic eruption. The Youth power has been a sleeping lion and a Tsunamic movement with the Movement(Opposition) for a long Time.
7. RAILA Must ensure vigorous and rigorous use of the social media efficiently and effectively by his online Agents and soldiers. The power of the Social media cannot be ignored in this election. In short, RAILA needs more creative, incorruptible, cunning smart-minded Team of Super bloggers. Men and women skilled in the art of mass persuasion, quashing and averting enemies propaganda and armed with influencive Agendas and plan of the movement. They must also be armed with atomic propaganda against the enemies. This Team of bloggers and online soldiers must blog for RAILA and RAILA ONLY. No ODM, No other candidates Just purely RAILA & RAILA Agendas.
8.Ensure at least 98% of Voter Turn Out in all NASA Counties and stronghold by all means possible.
9. RAILA Must capitalize on the issues of Corruption & Jubilee non-existent development records fully. And should even promise what historic Actions he will take in respect to corruption on his first 100 days in office. He must also hold Jubilee Accountable on the promises they made to the people in 2013 but did not deliver and uncover them as liars and thieves they are. The sensitive matter of Tribalism must also be boldly tackled and Kenyans reminded that since 2013 Jubilee has always been a tri*@l Govt from appointments of top level jobs in Kenya to policies implementation. It has always been a one syd driven-system tactically.
10. RAILA Must Assure, re-assure, insure and Assure his followers and Kenyans again that this time its different. That this time we are going for it rigging or no rigging! He must build courage in the people that should we win, we have no other option but to claim the People’s rightful victory in whatever means viable. Let him remind the people that this is another 1963, 1992, 2002 & 2007 struggle that needs their selflessness and courage and loan the enemies their fears. Raila must make the people feel part of the struggle and not spectators of the struggle. The people must be reminded that this is Our fight and not Raila’s fight and the message should be clear. Free, Fair and Credible Election!!
VIA: Witness Imara, Robert Alai Kenya

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