How Robbers Stole Millions From Equity Bank Kayole Branch

Some times ago, Equity bank Nyeri branch was robbed more than $300,000/ kshs 30 million shillings in a broad daylight, November 2015. This time round it has now happened in one of the banks satellite in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi Kayole Estate.

Equity Bank Kayole Branch.

However, the Police have so far propelled a manhunt for the burglars who penetrated through the walls of a Equity Bank Office in Kayole on Saturday night, carrying off a huge amount of money. As per Nairobi County Police commandant Japheth Koome, an unknown number of individuals bored/ drilled their way through the back walls of the bank premises.

According to reports, its said that the robbers were equipped with gas welding machines, which enabled them to access the bank’s solid room, clearing the unspecified amount of cash. They additionally welded through money store units of ATM machines connected to the bank and wiped them out.
The burglars then took off, deserting two gas chambers. Police additionally say the looters incapacitated CCTV surveillance amid the break in.

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The bank just reported the occurrence on Sunday at 3pm.
At the point when gone after remark, Equity Bank head office guaranteed to get back to us later in the day as directors were still held up in private meetings.

Police are narrowing in on the security guard who was on duty. However, the sucirity guard has so far gone missing since the incidence occurred.

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"How Robbers Stole Millions From Equity Bank Kayole Branch" by @wakenyanews

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