How Singer Jaguar Earned Millions Of Cash Via Jubilee Party Launch

Singer Jaguar Kenya

In the recent past, Kenyan local music has been on the gaining, productive and as well, on beneficial side of it to the artists who are doing good music and have managed to be counted on the limelight list. This is because they have been earning good airplay of their music hence making them get renown and as well gain fame that in return opens ways for them to earn money through shows, royalties, events and many more.

It only took an average of 4 minutes for the well known Kenyan artist of Main-switch records Singer Jaguar (kipepeo), to stash Sh 1 million ($10,000) at the weekend during the official Launch of the Jubilee Party of Kenya.

Singer Jaguar Performing during the Jubilee Party Launch

Jaguar, who is rumoured to be a very close friend of Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto, was one of the entertainers at the occasion that transformed out into a show of flashiness and fortune that.


The figure has been dangled by Panther handlers in spite of the fact that Wakenya News comprehends other key artistes were all paid Sh300,000 for the same gig.
The artist, nonetheless, left promptly after his execution to help the influenced groups of a Kisii ghetto where an inferno pulverized houses furthermore, property.

Other Local Big names
Sources uncovered that Singer Jaguar utilized his show payments/earnings to help the casualties of the ghetto fire in Kisii.
He as well encouraged the occupants to exploit the last Mile Availability venture which means to give shoddy power.

Other artist and local big names who performed at the occasion incorporate gospel artistes Bahati, Mercy Masika and Singer Size 8.

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