How To Cook And Make Soft Chapatis


Chapati is extremely basic not just in Kenya but rather different nations in spite of the fact that it passes by various names. It is a level bread arranged using wheat flour. It is typically served in many events and festivities. It is not hard to make but rather one needs rehearse keeping in mind the end goal to get the right estimations of flour and water.

3 cups of flour
1/2 containers warm water
Arrangement and preparation

1. Add flour to a huge bowl and include salt. Blend well.
2. Add the water and blend to frame a smooth batter. Massage it and if it is excessively sticky include somewhat more flour.
3. Add oil to the batter and keep working until the oil is equitably spread and the batter does not adhere to the hands.
4. Using a blade, cut the batter into a modest bunch and frame a ball. Make balls with the whole batter and place them on a floured plate or surface.
5. Sprinkle flour onto a moving board or level working surface. Taking one bundle of batter at once, move them using a moving pin to a round shape.
6. Using a spoon, trickle oil around the batter and spread equally. Take the edges and overlap to frame a loop then to a round ball as appeared underneath. Give them a chance to remain for a couple of minutes.
7. Roll out your chapatis and cook on an already heated pan, then quickly cook the chapati on both sides without oil, but the next time you turn run it with some oil round the sides of the pan.
8. The oil is necessary but not only for nutritional purposes but also to make the chapatis soft and manageable while cooking. Also, too little oil can leave the chapatis dry and hard.
NB: Do not use a lot of salt.
When done it should be golden brown, ready and soft.
You are now ready to serve them with  any of your other favorite meals.

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