How to Get M-pesa Mini Statement from Safaricom

Mpesa Mini Statement: How to Get Mpesa Statement from Safaricom.

A Mpesa smaller than normal proclamation contains the subtle elements of your late Mpesa exchanges. It comes as a protected SMS from Safaricom.

The Mpesa smaller than normal proclamation is the authority Mpesa exchange explanation from Safaricom Kenya. It is a free administration that demonstrates your last 5 Mpesa exchanges.

From your telephone (that has a Safaricom line), dial *234#

*234# is the USSD Service Shortcode. Select/Answer with 4 (for MPESA Mini proclamation).

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A Service answer message — that you will get your Safaricom Mpesa proclamation right away is shown.

The Mpesa articulation SMS should land before you wrap up this message!

The Safaricom Mpesa articulation SMS demonstrates your last 5 MPESA


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