How to make dreadlocks with short hair

How to make dreadlocks with short hair
There are several at home
affordable and natural (by
natural i mean chemical free)
options to start dreadlocks…
There is the back combing
method; section hair off as
desired then tease/back comb
into matted sections, palm roll
sections into cylinders, if desired
add a small amount of aloe vera
gel (the natural alcohol free kind)
to each dread, then palm roll
In another variation of this
method a very small crochet hook
is used by poking it in and out of
the pre back combed/palm rolled
section pulling/pushing the left
over loose frizz inside the lock.
(this variation creates instant
fairly mature locks quickly that
you can wash very soon after they
have been installed). Look up
“skillteacher” he is a user on
youtube that has very informative
detailed visuals on this method.
Rip and twist; section, back comb
slightly then pull apart the one
section into two and repeat in a
criss cross pattern until you
reach the scalp, palm roll.
If your hair is curly you could
look into the wool rubbing
method where you literally rub a
wool or other coarse piece of
fiber around your scalp until the
hair begins to section itself off
into knots. (this method
produces random sometimes
messy results).
For a very simple and very neat/
tidy method you could simply
section your own hair off, put it
into small regular three strand
braids then tie them off with tiny
metal clasp free elastics at the
ends. This method takes a bit
longer to fully lock but your hair
will stay fairly neat in the mean
time, also your dreads will have a
slight braid pattern left over on
them for a while.
One last method is the interlock
method, this is usually done with
a tool you can make yourself (look
up interlock dread lock tool on
youtube) or there is a company
that sells them at affordable
prices online look up the
“nappylocks tool”. This method
makes very neat dreads on ANY
hair texture that you can wash
after only one week (again its
hard to explain in words look up
visuals of the method on
Whatever method you use tie
them down at night for the first 2
weeks with a scarf/bandanna.
Wash them at least once a week
with a clarifying shampoo that
has been diluted half with water
so it spreads and rinses from the
scalp easily. Clean hair dreads
better than dirty, oily, slippery
hair. Also wait for your dreads to
dry completely before you go to
bed, if not your damp hair/scalp
may not evaporate in time thus
causing mildew/mold. And don’t
use traditional cream rinse
conditioner on them for at least
one full year.
Oh and please DON’T USE WAX !
It doesn’t matter what kind, all
wax is a hydrophobic substance
(repels soap and water) and
attracts oil, dirt, bugs, and
sometimes encourages the growth
of mold & mildew. It doesn’t
create locks, just smelly dirty
candlesticks. Aloe gel is an
alternative if you really want a
product to help keep frizz down,
it is natural, water based (so it
washes out easy), and
moisturizes locks without
weighing them down or causing
build up.

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