Drink This Before Bedtime and Your Belly Will Disappear In a Weeks Time

imageBelly fat has always been a disturbing issue for more than 42% of all the population in the world for the adults. Majority of those affected of late are the ladies, according to research in the recent years.
However, there have been many remedies to this. According to some Biological Research, there has been a wonderful beverage that can help one to lose up to 5kg or 10 cm’s protrusion in the waist or stomach in just one week! It somehow works coz for majority, it has been proven true, a cup of the grinds before going to bed does melt your belly fat even as one is sleeping. Its said that its effective mostly at night.

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Here’s an experimental procedure on how to prepare it:
1 cucumber
1 lemon
A piece of fresh ginger
8 glasses of filtered water
Wash the lemon well and cut it into pieces, then put the pieces in a bowl of water. Peel and slice the cucumber too, and add the pieces to the same bowl of water along some fresh mint leaves. In the end,peel and grate the ginger and add it to the mixture,
stirring well. Keep the beverage in the fridge covered with a lid, and drink it the next day whenever you’re feeling thirsty. You should notice the first results in only a week!

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"Drink This Before Bedtime and Your Belly Will Disappear In a Weeks Time" by @wakenyanews

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