How your Friends Can Ruin your Own Good Relationship

Other people can be the death of your
relationship. And I don’t mean your
girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend or that cute
waitress who always flirts with your man. I
mean the people closest to you – the well-
meaning, opinionated friends and family
members who can systematically tear your
relationship apart … if you let them.
Often, the reasons that people choose to
leave or stay in relationships are someone
else’s – either because we are trying to mimic
their relationships, take their advice or live
up to their standards. These “other people”
are not insignificant, but they are
insignificant when deciding what kind of
relationship you want to have.
This is not to say that you should tell your
parents or other loved ones to mind their
own business and never give you advice. It’s
important to know your history, which
includes where you come from and the
perspectives of the people you come from.

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Often we take other people’s advice because
doing so seems easier than thinking for
ourselves – and, if it doesn’t work out, we
can blame someone else, right? Nope. The
final decision about which path to take was,
and always is, yours. Lawyers and financial
advisors provide guidance, but you sign the
documents they prepare knowing that it’s
your butt on the line. They move on and
advise someone else, and your outcome has
little effect on them. Your friends and family
may be more emotionally invested in how
their advice plays out, but make no mistake,
the outcome is yours to navigate and the
burden is yours to carry. That’s How your Friends Can Ruin your Own Good Relationship

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