I Am Single And Ready For A Dating Partner And Marriage

Hi good friends, its my pleasure to introduce myself to you and online via this website. First of all, my names are Hellen Suzzy as they call me since childhood and I am here through the admin after sending him this message via the inbox. I am a single lady who is financially stable for real but what i want is a hook up with a serious young guy who is ready and interested indeed; not a married man, no, a single man because I am also single.

The guy should be good indoors, well behaved and just for fun as the holidays are just around the corner. I am a business lady and i keep travelling in different parts of the country as well as the continent but i cant lack 2-3 days for my better partner every week, yes!!

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What I mean is that i need a partner and am single and I have no child depending on me for now. He should be 18-33yrs, because I am also not that aged, I am just 25years about to turn 26. I finished my education last year from K.U. Am ready for an HIV blood test with him since health is a major and main factor nowadays or in today’s better living. The guy should be strong (I guess you get what I mean) and i promise to support you financially in every way you may like or want and make your December and new year 2017 the best than ever.
Contact me below asap for some chats good friends and I will reply you immediately. I am online always, even now.

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"I Am Single And Ready For A Dating Partner And Marriage" by @wakenyanews

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