Ian Mugoya kissing a man!! Is he a GAY ?

Just some times ago is when this story first started trending on social media, as well as through rumours from many people all over. I coul not believe this because it actually sounded funny. Mugoya Ian was very fast to react to these kind of allegations so as to secure himself a good public image and name.

Ian Mugoya was shocked by these news the moment they reached him. Ian mugoya had to say these:-

Read below,

According to me, i had gone out for a night of revelry with my friends. Thats all. We had drinks together, then later everyone went back home.

Not knowing what had happened on that very night, a photo was taken and it happened to leak out. It apparently made
everything mugoya had said to turn upside down. I mean, how dare anyone read in too deep into this?

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SURELY, WITH WHAT KIND OF GUTS CAN ONE DARE SEND A DEEP KIND OF K1SS TO A YOUNG LAD AS THE WAY IAN MUGOYA DID ? Everyone just like anyone can mistake you for a genius of terms of homosexual and gaysm. Can this be categorised as
an innocent peck on the cheek or a deep kiss ?

Nothing more! The big question is, why is his friend so happy to receive the peck though? Or maybe it is the friend we should be looking at?

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