IEBC Officials Arrested After Found Destroying Presidential Ballot Boxes

IEBC Officials arrested for destroying presidential ballot boxes
According to latest reports by the police, 3 individuals including two IEBC officials were on Saturday 19th August 2017 arrested after they were found trying to alter results of the just concluded election at a centre in Kenya’s Capital City, Nairobi.
This follows after 16 ballot boxes with presidential election results were allegedly destroyed and materials altered in the incident on Saturday by the culprits.
The officials who were arrested, a Deputy presiding officer and a clerk, had gone to Embakasi Girls School where election materials were kept and accessed the storage house/ room.
They told police manning the store that they had been sent by IEBC to get some needed materials to help in working on the just initiated by NASA coalition party case that was filed in the Supreme court.

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The Security officers demanded a court order to allow them in but the officials said they were IEBC officials and did not require such orders.
This raised issues that even the public individuals within the vicinity came nearby and intervened in sending away the culprits. However, the individuals had broke the ballot boxes and were then busy writing new materials, one of the witnesses said.
Police arrived at the scene and the two goons were later arrested and detained by DCI (Directorate of Criminal Investigations) officials. They are likely to be charged in court Monday. The destroyed ballot boxes were kept as evidence for the unlawful act the victims were caught of.

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