Become An Information Technology Specialist via Linux Operating Systems Certification

Linux Essentials Certification course

NDG Linux Basics or fundamentals is a prologue to Linux as a working and operating systems, fundamental open source ideas and the nuts and bolts of the Linux command line. Content created by specialists, a Linux virtual machine and well ordered labs give you hands-on access to practice and rehearse Linux command line concepts. With no past learning required, this course is the ideal beginning stage to pick up Linux aptitudes.

– Develop a basic concepts of the Linux command line
– Study content explaining Linux as you practice on real Linux virtual machines
– Access to Expert contents online
– Preparation for the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Linux certification
i.e Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate
– Get immediate feedback on your knowledge through built-in questions and test assessments.

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"Become An Information Technology Specialist via Linux Operating Systems Certification" by @wakenyanews

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