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“Inspekta Mwala” is a police comic drama that is under Royal Media Services, Citizen TV Channel. The hilarious TV show usually comes on air every Monday after the 7pm Nipashe news. As well, it also comes on air every Sunday afternoon whereby they showcase on their previous episodes, just the repeats, which is a good time to watch on various episodes in case you missed them on some Mondays before.

Davis Mwabili is the real name of Actor Inspekta Mwala. Many people have for a long time believed that Mwala is a Mkamba but the truth is that he hails all the way from Taita-Taveta, and Taita is his parental origin and thats it. Mwala started his career on the limelight pick on a legendary TV show popularly remembered titled “Vitimbi”. Lavender (Sarah Atieno) now a big name in The Program was also with Mwala during those days in Vitimbi. Mwala is a great fan of football and this goes without saying that he is a big aficionado of Manchester United since then till date.

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Inspekta mwala TV show is a drama which revolves around a short policeman who is dependably on the hurried to keep up the guideline of law and in the meantime attempting to manage his rowdy police juniors and a strict Boss.

His determination gets him where different cops neglect to get regarding managing wrongdoing as he is very much connected. He does not have a private life as he commits all his vitality to his work.
Among the various top casts of the program include Sarah Atieno, Abdi (munai genelali), muliro, ngure, kigen, Morio, madam OCS and many more. The Chief Director of the Drama is called Mr. Ngugi Ngige, who has done a very good job indeed by upgrading the standards of the show since his appointment in Royal Media. He also heads other TV shows in Royal media and indeed, he was the man Royal Media lacked some times back.

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Tune in every Monday at 7:35pm to enjoy the hilarious Kenyan TV show!


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