IPSOS RESEARCH: Study Shows Almost 80% Of Kenyans Sleep Hungry

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Ipsos Synovate is a firm in Kenya that does statistical analysis of various issues affecting Kenyans and that do take place across the country.

Respondents from Western, Coast and Nyanza appeared to the most influenced with 76,67, and 62 for every penny conceding to either not having enough to eat or knowing somebody who does not.

Likewise 45, 48 and 35 for each penny of the same demographic separately confessed to affliction because of absence of sustenance. North Eastern was the minimum influenced with just 15 for every penny not having enough to eat while nine for every penny having no sustenance by any stretch of the imagination.

As far as the nation’s principle political separation, such ‘sleep time hunger’ is almost twice as regular in String family units (41 for each penny versus 23 for each penny). “Locally, such a nourishment shortfall is most astounding in Coast, Nyanza and Western, and least in Rift Valley, Central and North Eastern,” read the report.


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"IPSOS RESEARCH: Study Shows Almost 80% Of Kenyans Sleep Hungry" by @wakenyanews

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