Is Raila Odinga a Devil Worshipper? READ FULL STORY


The minister went to banish after the Kenyan Government blamed him for trafficking babies.
The ‘supernatural occurrence infant’ minister was taking youthful kids from Kenya and offering them to desolate moms in UK.
Mr. Deya, a man of debates, is too blamed for assaulting his adherents in his congregation in London, however he was cleared after the arraignment neglected to create enough confirmation to nail him.

Deya’s congregation, Salvation of Jesus Christ, is viewed as an ‘otherworldly clique” in the UK since it is connected with witchcraft, assault and other mystery religious ceremonies. In one of his meetings, Deya asserted that one of his most steadfast devotees is CORD pioneer, Raila Odinga.
Deya said that in the keep running up to the 2002 decisions, Raila went by him in London and asked for him for supplications to God.
He likewise said that in 2007, just before the races, Raila went to his congregation in London. “I want to stress here that Raila came for
prayers and consultations with me, ” Deya said including that even today, Raila is still a dynamic individual from his congregation.

Question is, is Raila Odinga a Devil Worshipper?

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