The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology JKUAT understudies were on frenzy yesterday , March ninth, along Thika Super Roadway dissenting the demise of one of their own. The understudies are dissenting the demise of a male understudy at the school dispensary after asserted nourishment harming and term his demise accordingly of carelessness from the specialists’ side.

The late understudy, a second year based at the organization’s primary grounds had gone to the varsity dispensary to look for medicine, on Wednesday ninth March around morning hours. He went on 6 hours later as he tended to the line at the dispensary.

The understudies broke into a show in the wake of learning of the pitiful news. They refered to carelessness from the specialists who were reluctant and too ease back to spare the young fellow’s life. This has dependably been the circumstance in the grounds dispensary as reported by one of the understudies. The strike got warmed in this way pulled in the consideration of police officers around the organization. A progression of discharges could be listened everywhere throughout the grounds in this manner sending the understudies to keep running for their wellbeing.

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There could be an evil intention until the very end of this understudy as reported by a source that looked for namelessness. The organization did not remark on the matter, saying it was exploring before discharging an announcement.

Different understudies from JKUAT Nairobi grounds joined in the strike which took to the Thika Super Highway. The furious understudies stuck the street bringing on movement that went kilometers. Police later took charge of the circumstance and guaranteed to guarantee typical stream of activity. It is sad that a youthful life has been lost and we join friends of JKUAT as they grieve the lamentable misfortune. Maybe, in making profound request one would inquire as to why a life is lost in such an abridged way. Can’t there be a lasting answer for confidants’ passings in our establishments of learning?Something ought to be done and done quick to enhance the administrations offered to understudies in these dispensaries.

After our exhaustive examinations, we have reached a conclusion that the circumstance at the wellbeing offices is comparative in all open colleges.

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Folks have endowed their kids’ future in their grasp and their security to the organizations. It is tragic that we run over instances of carelessness from staff of the grounds. Why they can’t be taken care of with enough respect remains an inquiry unanswered.

We seek after a national location on this issue as we anticipate a future without any rash passings of understudies.

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