Joseph Boinett Names Police Linked To Killing Of Lawyer Willie Kimani


Senior Sergeant Fredrick Leliman, Corporal Stephen Chebulet and Constable Silvia Wanjiku are as of now assisting with test into murdering of the three men.
This comes a day after the IG implied that preparatory examinations connected three cops with the homicides after the bodies were recuperated from Stream Athi at Ol Donyo Sabuk.

On Saturday, Mwenda’s relatives recognized his body at City Funeral home after it was recovered from the stream on Friday evening.
A group drove by government boss pathologist Johansen Oduor is slated to lead after death examinations on the three bodies.

Addressing individuals from the press on Saturday, he said the bodies will first be taken for x-beam examinations to learn if the expired had any interior wounds or remote bodies. From that point his group will continue with the customary after death examinations.


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"Joseph Boinett Names Police Linked To Killing Of Lawyer Willie Kimani" by @wakenyanews

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