Josephine Kabura Irungu Biography


Seven years back, Josephine Kabura Irungu, 34, did not realize that she would one day be astonishingly rich.
When she moved to Nairobi from her country Kiangiti town of Kiharu in Murang’a County to figure out how to plait hair at her close relative’s salon, she would never have imagined that distinction and fortune anticipated.
Be that as it may, provision grinned for the beautician who has two youngsters with a minister when she was acquainted with previous Devolution Cabinet
Secretary Anne Waiguru by a male contractual worker with associations at the NYS. The contractual worker, with whom Kabura is said to have a nearby
relationship, hails from Waiguru’s Kirinyanga County and played a key part amid Waiguru’s homecoming party held at her Kiamugumo home in Gichugu Constituency in September 2014.
President Uhuru Kenyatta was among the VIP visitors in participation.
From the presentation, a kinship bloomed that would sling the once humble town young lady to the wheeler merchant as of now at the focus of the NYS Sh791 million outrage. Obviously, so great was Kabura in hair dressing that she got to be previous CS Waiguru’s most loved salonist.

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What’s more, when a prominent lady like Anne Waiguru sits on a seat what’s more, for two hours, and puts her whole appearance, vanity, and delegated heavenliness in the hands of another lady, trust is built up. The kinship reached out into an individual relationship, and with trust as of now solidified between the two, little business bargains began coming Kabura’s direction.

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