Jua Cali desperate looking for a wife

Jua Cali, famously known as the king of genge is one of the Kenya’s greatest artist of all the time. This is because of his unique style of rapping as well as his funny lyrics content.

He has managed to maintain his publicity despite the numerous news concerning the downfall of calif records, a recording label that he has been working with for many many years since its birth. News has it that he has shares in the studio hence that is why he has never left the recording label unlike majority who have left e.g nonini godfather, mejja, jimwat, pilipili and many more.

He has however maintained a low profile for a while now and thus when we stumbled upon this recent photo, we couldn’t help but wonder who this fine lass he was hanging out with was. Maybe she was reason he had stepped away from the music scene for a while; he was expanding his throne and all if you know what I mean.

As we came to find out from Mseto EA however, the said lass was a video vixen in his upcoming smashing hit Karibu Nairobi and not his new found hubby. Apparently the long break was intended to replenish and prepare us for yet another big hit. He is still on his A game and you can catch him at the Carnivore grounds from 10Am to 6PM this coming Saturday.

In an eclectic event dubbed SportPesa Festival, Juacali will be looking to showcasing his stage prowess alongside other greats in the likes of Nameless, Wyre, Size 8, Stella Mwangi (STL) who together with younger cats in the likes of Kristoff and Size 8 will be charged with bringing Nairobi to life as it looks forward to wish away the Nairobi blues.


Apart from the exciting performances, there will also be great musical fusions from DJ’s Pierra Makena, Joe Mfalme, Crème De La Crème and Mo soon to be followed by heartfelt comedy sessions from Jalang’o and Eric Omondi. And yes, your stomachs will also be well taken care of with scrumptious servings from the Carnivore restaurant.

And it’s so easy to be part of all this. All you have to do is possess a SportPesa account and be part of those people who have already placed their bets. Then you’ll be required to send a short message, “FESTIVAL” to 79079. From there you’ll be entered into a draw and once picked, you’ll receive a confirmation message confirming that indeed you have won. A second message containing a unique ticket number will be sent to you as the festival nears.

And don’t worry even though you’re a first participant. All you have to do is send “FESTIVAL” to 79079 where you will receive a message with the necessary instructions. And here is the fun part; your ticket allows two people to enter so you can surprise your spouse, friend or even family member. Just make sure they are of legal age.


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