JULIE GICHURU: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Her

Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru is a journalist who previously worked as a Digital Business Manager at Royal Media Services and as well, a TV show host. She however quited the job to start her own firm whilst working at KBC as of present.

Below are ten things you probably did not know about Julie Gichuru. Have a look below:-

1. From the young age of 10 she needed to be a criminal attorney.

2. Her previous show “Sunday Live” was at first intended to resemble Oprah’s.

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3. Julie is a UNICEF Represetative.

4. She is an effectively included mother of four and a spouse with a parallel and similarly including life in the spotlight.

5. She is the owner of MCheza sports portal.

6. She’s a hard worker who is not reluctant to buoy her thoughts to her managers.

7. The majority of Julie’s shows have been a win.

8. Her better half, Anthony, manages her persona in public.

9. Julie dresses to rouse youngsters.

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10. She cherishes watching kid’s shows e.g cartoons.


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