K-nel releases another brand new song


K-Nel the Kenyan Artist & Entrepreneur based in
Atlanta USA is a name well known in the industry.
From being an Artist, we saw him on Aljazeera
TV presenting Surprising Europe documentary to a
brand owner of 4 companies, one thing that is unique
about this chap is his multiple ways to reinvent
himself. He is always into something new and fresh.
Having taken a break from music to focus on building
up his brand, K-Nel is back with a music project which
will definitely blow your minds. This project is titled
“Naomi’s Baby” and has appearances from
international artists signed on major record labels e.g
Cashmoney records (Glasses Malone on his “Mbonga
Mavi” debut), Jae Rich (Atlanta) not to mention there
are rumors he has a record with the reggae legend
Sizzla Kalonje.
Naomi’s Baby is a certified classic album mostly
produced by Ghostboy, a talented singer and producer
based in Boston. Other producers on this album are
PDubb (USA) and Deejay Snake (Portugal). K-Nel has
guaranteed his fans that he is elevating Kenya’s Urban
music into new heights.
The leading single is “My Struggle” which features
Ozmosis The K.I.D (Originally from Cuba and based in
the USA) and Ghostboy who also produced the record.
The record is dubbed “The Immigrants Anthem”
considering every immigrant would relate to it one way
or another.
The 1st verse kicks off with K-Nel rapping “I ain’t seen
my daughter in 5 years now ha/You don’t know what I
had to sacrifice to be here now ha” , the true story
about his daughter Naomi. It get’s emotional when he
cries out “nimetoka mbali, naelekea mbali”, indicating
he is not loosing his focus on his goals and nothing
will stop him from grabing the big prize. K-Nel’s goal
is to inspire others not to quit on their dreams and
encourages you to dream big.
The atmosphere on the 2nd verse changes when
Ozmosis steps in rapping in Spanish. He sets the
record straight making it well known he wasn’t born
rich and had to struggle to get any form of currency
you can think of (Euros, Pesos, Dollars). He stresses
the need to work hard to make it saying there is no
shortcut to success. Ozmosis at the peak of his verse
states he is being hunted by poverty but he will not fall
for it. Poverty is pushing him to the edge of breaking
the rules. The pain can be felt in Oz’s voice.
K-Nel has shot 8 music videos for his album project
and will be launching 1 music video each month for the
next 8 months straight. You can buy the single
exclusive only on Buymziki for 1.29$.

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