K.U Female Lecturer caught doing it with a Mjengo-man – VIDEO

K.U Female Lecturer caught doing it with a Mjengo-man – VIDEO

Why are some women like this? How lengthy do you assume your jazz will final? Getting a great man to marry lately shouldn’t be one thing you are able to do purely on bedtime thirst inside your car. The man you’re in love with or his household might have a devilish agenda which will upset your peace and even worse, your career in the name of “nyege”. Recently, after they did it in the car, Maina Karanja a mjego man who was nick-named as Raila took to a trip with the car but badly enough, hit someones car from behind. Its called “Swara”.
Staffs have always done it with their students or with lecs. It’s a tradition dating back to Socrates, and probably before that. Yet we still act incredulous each time a new story of lec-student/ laborer affair makes its way into the news. Whenever a
moderately attractive female is the alleged lawbreaker, we put down the pitchforks reserved for their male counterparts, and the Monday-morning Casanovas come out of the woodwork with commentary on how “there were never any hot teachers doing that when we were in high school!” Well, there were, and there always will be. They just didn’t target you. If I could capture them on the lane’s and paths using my Techno phone how they unbuttoned and how she was laid, trust me u could be hornier right now.At the end of the school year, the lec—whom I’ll just refer to as Mrs. X from here on—gave us handwritten cards.
Each, I assume, contained a heartfelt message of appreciation and well-wishing, as mine did. Mine also contained her personal contact information.
1. Make sure this is something you both are sure about before
passion runs its course . Like most other things in life, this
cannot be undone. There should always be a level of respect
when having it with a lecture. They can be quit different than
other women and have more liabilities to think of.
2. Dress nice and keep yourself clean. Profs are professionals and usually they prefer a man who is at their level or only slightly under. Do not overdo it, though, because teachers are usually not into fast talkers and over dressers.
They tend to be practical people.
3. Know the rules when attempting these kinds of sexual activities. There are rules when dating or having sex with teachers. If you are a student of said teacher, then you will have to keep the relations quiet. It is against the rules to have the relations with your teacher. Although this can be exciting, the teacher could lose her job and even go to jail for such activities. Take extreme caution in this instance.
4. Know her rules for the game . Teachers may have a different outlook on the content of bedtime activities, while some of them may not. Communicate beforehand on how s£x will go between you two. You could be surprised and get to spend adventurous time with the teacher, as may be some cases.

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