Kangemi High School Form 2 Student Found With 2 Litres Of Petrol

Kangemi High School, Nairobi

Over the past one month, various secondary schools across the Kenyan Nation have been set ablaze by the respective students. Despite the government warning over such crimes, the students have continually torched the schools recklessly.
However, a Form two student from Kangemi Secondary School was on 28th July 2016 Thursday night, captured subsequent to being found with two liters of Petrol.

It was asserted that the understudy had sneaked out of school in the night and figured out how to sneak over into the school at around 9:30pm on Thursday night before being spotted and trailed to his dormitory by security guards who caught him and took him to the school’s administration for further explanations, with the two liters of petrol he had in his possesion as evidence.

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Ireri Kamwende, Nairobi CID Boss said police captured the student furthermore, had following arrested him where examinations concerning the thwarted illegal conflagration assault on the school were in progress. Ireri said the student will be accused of trick to submit a wrongdoing.

The effective catch of the culprit before blazing of the school is a leap forward even as a few students across the nation have been summoned in court over fire related crime charges inside the most recent week.

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"Kangemi High School Form 2 Student Found With 2 Litres Of Petrol" by @wakenyanews

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