KBS Tout Kills A Passenger In Nairobi City

Something somewhere is not right, yes! This has become too much indeed, the indiscipline seen all the time from the Matatu touts is not what should be condoned in the society we are living. Matatu touts and drivers used to have such a great amount of cordiality back in the days yet now it’s an alternate and the other way round. Rash drivers on the streets have created passing that could be kept away from. Only a couple of months prior a Rongai matatu had a mischance along Lang’ata road and left a couples of innocent citizens dead.

Man Dies After KBS Tout Pushes Him Off of The Moving Vehicle
KBS Bus In Nairobi Streets

It’s been a couple days now and one lady can’t understand the reality that her better half is no more. In a lengthy Facebook post, the 28 year old mother described how her significant other was pushed out of a moving KBS Nairobi matatu along Mombasa road which came about to his demise. The lady says that her significant other kicked the bucket not long after that and is currently requesting equity and justice for her late spouse.

This is what the lady wrote on Social media (Facebook); have a look beneath:-
Man Dies After KBS Tout Pushes Him Off of The Moving Vehicle
“Tears from a broken woman, disheartened wife but determined mother fighting for Justice.
This is what those KBS (KBB 652G) savages did to my husband after they pitishad him from where he was to alight.His crime was to argue with them.Those cursed sons of the devil pushed him out of the moving bus along Mombasa Road .
The fall broke his neck, and those animals would have left him lying on the road were it not for the passengers who started to complain.
I can’t pick all your calls or reply all your messages as of now.
I am left a widow at the age of 28 with a young son turning 2 years in January.I fear the day he asks me where his father is.God why me?
We were doing fine.Christopher Chieng’ Otiende nyathina, you have left me in this God forsaken world. The only man who entertained my bullshit.Where do i start?Aol yawa. I pray i follow you soon.
I love you nyathina. Death is not the end. Death can never be the end. Death is the road. Life is the traveler. The soul is the guide”

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