Kenya government officials on List of Shame

Kenya government officials on List of Shame
The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission is required to make a real declaration on Sunday on the status of union examinations including top government authorities.

The declaration should show whether the 175 authorities, who incorporate five Cabinet secretaries, will come back to office or be indicted over degenerate arrangements. On Saturday, EACC authorities were
occupied with putting last notes on
examination documents in front of
Sunday’s media instructions.
With the 60-day final offer President Uhuru Kenyatta provided for
the opposition to unite body to follow up on the “Rundown of Shame” terminating on Monday, consideration is quick moving
whatever the Head of State will do beside seek after the war on debasement; inability to act has extremely imprinted the Jubilee government’s believability.
The country will be holding up to see the President’s next move given that none of the “big fish” on the rundown of 175, for the most part government authorities, has been summoned in court to face charges.

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